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Master Series PLC Controllers 

Ultimate control of your Park or Aquatic Facility  Our Master Controllers will not only handle you park operating parameters and spray features, they will keep your water clean and your park safe and secure. All without ever leaving your desk.

Simple Operation from Anywhere
Like all of our controllers, we have replaced technical cunfusion with clear simplicity. All screen functions are straight forward and include full color touch (or mouse and click) HMI programming. Even our chemical functions are understandable and self-correcting if errors are made.PH, ORP, test cell flow and water temperature can be viewed in real-time as well as other optional indicators. With our quick-download software, park observation and adjustments can be accessed in seconds from any location...no matter where in the world that happens to be. Add live security video feed, lightning alert system and local park weather radar for an even greater level of safety and convenience. Not able to access your PC to check on your park? Don't worry, it will give you a call or text you if something is amiss that it cannot correct. A failsafe system will stop everything if you are unable to respond. Product is U.L. listed.

Customize it - Take convenience to a whole new level by letting us customize to your particular needs. Alert when pump strainer baskets need cleaning, view the water in your reservoir (includes lights) or simply lock or unlock the park gates. The Master Series  can handle it without ever breaking a sweat.



Retrofit it - Many existing parks can be easily retrofitted to a Master Series System. Call us for more information on bringing your old park to a new level of safety and convenience.

 Our base systems are an exceptional value starting at under $12,000.00. All versions include these standard features:

  • Complete Control of Park Operating Parameters
  • Duplex Communication from any PC
  • Automated Chemical Controls with failsafe set points
  • Remote PH and ORP monitoring and adjustments
  • Phone and Text Alerts to owners and/or staff members
  • Free System Software for life of Controller

Contact us for more information on how we can build the right system for your project at 877-795-0615 or email to sales@aquaplaysolutions.com 

* Systems are intended as an enhancement of park oversight and not as a replacement for certified personnel.

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